24 Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1-800-998-8340

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1-888-570-3703


All of our services are free of charge.

Counseling and Support Groups

Resident Counseling & Support Groups
Residents are encouraged to attend weekly support groups, individual counseling, parenting classes, and house meetings. Childcare is provided for all in-house activities to allow residents to focus on healing and preparing for a brighter future.

Non-Resident Counseling & Support Groups
Non-residents, who are victims of violence, are able to participate in individual counseling and are encouraged to attend weekly support groups, and parenting classes. Childcare is provided for all in-house activities to allow the individual to focus on healing and preparing for a brighter future.

Children's Counseling
Russell House is able to provide children of all ages with counseling by licensed professionals who specialize in domestic and sexual violence. They can also help with enrolling your child in school and provide the age appropriate activities and the opportunity to simply be a kid while in our wonderful playroom inside the shelter.

To find out more about any of these free services, please call the shelter at (573)364-0579

Court Advocacy

A Court Advocate is not an attorney, but they are familiar with the legal system and can help with explanations of your legal rights and options in a domestic and/or sexual violence civil and criminal situations.

Court Advocacy services:

  • Assisting with Emergency order of protection
  • Assisting with Full order of protections
  • Assisting with Child order of protection
  • Being a support system and accompaniment for victims on court date(s)
  • Education on victim rights regarding domestic and sexual violence
  • Education on Adult Abuse Act
  • Safety planning
  • Liaison, only at the direction of victim, with civil and criminal judicial system personnel
  • Follow-up advocacy, at the victim's request, with court and law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, probation and parole personnel, juvenile authorities and the victim’s attorney
  • A court advocate provides necessary information and referrals to other agencies and resources.

Court Advocates Do Not:

  • Give legal advice
  • Make decisions for the client
  • Persuade the client to do something he/she feels uncomfortable with
  • Persuade the client to ask for more or less than he/she feels comfortable with
  • Give unrealistic expectations of the court process
  • Engage the judge in conversation regarding the client’s case or initiate conversation with the respondent or the respondent’s attorney
  • React overtly to the client, judge, respondent, and/or court personnel
  • Put themselves or their client in a dangerous situation
  • Assume the client knows about the legal process
  • Answer client’s questions without proper knowledge


Crawford County Crisis Center
215 Third Street Suite A   Steelville, MO 65565
(Office) 573-775-5101     (Cell) 573-578-3587 

Dent County Crisis Center
103 East Fourth Street    Salem, MO 65560
(Office) 573-729-4774     (Cell) 573-578-3586

Maries County Crisis Center
109 Main St.    P.O. Box 134    Vienna, MO 65582
(Office) 573-202-6586     (Cell) 573-202-4103

Phelps County Court House Crisis Outreach
200 North Main   Rolla, MO 65401
(Office) 573-458-6265     (Cell) 573-578-8653